Made On Delmarva: Plak That Printing Co.

From humble beginnings, to now a premier printing company. Wyatt Harrison, the owner of Plak That Printing Co.,  always looks push the envelope with his prints and work.

"I worked in Malibu's Surf Shop on the boardwalk for 12 years.  At that time we were always looking for new products," says Harrison.

Back then, Harrison worked with a print company out of California to make all types of prints for Malibu's. He eventually branched off and decided to do his own thing, and put color to his dreams.

When Harrison opened Plak That he started by capturing memories on wood. Her then ventured out to print on all kinds of mediums and work with local businesses.

"We are doing a lot of prints on metal, prints on acrylic. A lot of outdoor signage for Maui Jack's , campground, the water park down in Chincoteague, and the Hoop Tea panels ," says Harrison.

Harrison showed 47 ABC how he makes surfboard inspired shelves for Hoop Tea. Each of the prints starts with a design.

"We design the file online," says Harrison.

The file is then transferred to the printer, but this is no ordinary printer. He pulls out the big guns for this kind of job.

"This machine is called a UV flatbed printer. The machine glides over the surface of the material and shoots the ink down, and then there are LED lamps that cure the ink. It basically bakes the ink into whatever material we are printing on," says Harrison.

The sheet of wood is then moved to the next room where the shelves are cut out using a CNC machine. This is a machine that makes precision cuts based on a computer program.

"It has a camera system on it so it will read the registration marks, these little black circles that we print on it. And that way it knows it is lines up perfectly," says Harrison.

He then takes a mini vacuum to clean off any of the sawdust residue, and then the surfboards can be formed into a shelf.

However our team couldn't leave without making one last thing…  a 47 ABC sign for the newsroom.

In a matter of minutes, it's designed, printed, cut out, and ready to be displayed!

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