Made On Delmarva: Backyard Jams and Jellies

 Krista Scudlark, the owner of Backyard Jellies and Jams, is cooking and bottling a storm of flavors.

"I would just make jams with stuff that would grow in our backyard, we had strawberries, grapes, peppers, pepper jelly was the first thing I ever made." says Scudlark.

The business started almost 20 years ago, but back then it was just a hobby.

"It just kind of grew, this wasn't part of the just happened," says Scudlark.

After word spread about her 'berry' delicious jams, everyone wanted a bite.

She now makes over 100 flavors, that can be found in countless local shops and farmer markets.

"Some of them are basic recipes. Other are crazy combinations that we've come up with," says Scudlark.

She took 47 ABC  to her industrial kitchen to show us how she makes her blueberry jam. First Scudlark places empty jars into boiling water to sanitize them.

To make the jam, she piles blueberries into a pot, adds sugar, and pectin to make it set.

"So that just needs to melt and boil," says Scudlark.

When the jelly has reached the right consistency, the jam is poured  inside the jars. The jars take a swim in hot boiling water one more time to help them seal. 

The jars cool down before they get a label, and the jam is ready to eat.

Every jar jam packed with flavor! 

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