Local garden club hosts flower show

In Cambridge Wednesday, people had the chance to see a not so mainstream type of art, flower arrangements.

The Dorchester County Garden Club put on a spectacular flower show to showcase local artists who got quite creative with flowers. Each display different, unique and filled with vibrant colors.

They hope by showcasing horticulture and the beautiful pieces of art that can be made with flowers that more people will become interested in gardening.

"It's art as far as I'm concerned. You know some people paint, some people crochet, some needle point. Some people ask if I'm an artist and I'll say in a way I'm an artist in my garden," explains David Adams of the Dorchester Garden Club.

"Why do you do it? It's to encourage others I think to beautify as much because there's so much pleasure in it," adds Cookie Brohawn of the Dorchester Garden Club.


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