Local eighth graders take their music talents to the next level

There's a talented group of 8th graders from Salisbury Middle, who are making quite the name for themselves.

"I play in a lot of groups but these dudes we connect on more of a personal level than a musical level compared to some of my other friends," says eighth grader Max Myer, the band's lead guitarist.

They're an unlikely group of friends united by something bigger than themselves.

"We all came up with and agreed on the idea of the MIST, which is the first initials of our names Max, Isaiah, Saivyon, and Tyler."  

A group of Salisbury Middle School boys that are grateful they all speak the music language.

"I'm just really thankful for these guys because they came into my life at a very strange point. I was going through stuff, I was getting bullied and they were right there and they lifted me up and I'm like you don't find friends like that around here these days," says Tyler Jones, the band's drummer.

MIST's keyboard player Isaiah Robinson says, "Music for me, it's a connection to the people and the people's voice. It gives the people that don't have a voice a voice and music just makes me feel good."

A connection Salisbury Middle was definitely feeling Friday morning at the eighth grade graduation.

"It gives me a confidence booster when I have a whole bunch of fans behind me, you know, it's just a whole lot of fun," explains Saivyon Price, the band's bass player.

The good news for all you adoring fans, this is just the beginning.

"They're always going to be my best friends even when we don't agree on everything because you know best friends don't always agree on everything," says Jones.

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