Local dad honored with Hall of Fame announcement

This father's day is a special one for Orville Sellers.

He's spending time with family at his Ellendale home.  Receiving new fishing gear, a new grill kit, and working on his Jeep with his son.

But it's a gift his daughter Krystle got him a couple of weeks early that makes this year so meaningful.

"I just sort of broke down that she would do that."

Orville was named Delaware's 2018 Haggar Hall of Fame Dad after being nominated by Krystle.

She wrote in her application, "this man stood up as a dad in a place where I didn't have one."

Orville stepped into her life as a toddler, and didn't find out he wasn't her biological father until she was a teenager.

"I decided not to tell her, and he wasn't in the picture, so I am dad and I'm going to be dad, and I stayed dad," Orville said.

This honor comes after a year of trial and tribulation for the Sellers, as Orville underwent two surgeries to remove cancerous masses from his kidneys.

Today he is cancer-free.  And celebrating life with his wife of 25 years, and his two other kids, Nichole and Brandon.

"He'll help anybody, guaranteed.  Even if he can't.  He'll try to do whatever wants, wherever he can.  He's a fighter that's for sure," said Brandon.

Orville will receive a football signed by hall of fame running back Emmitt Smith.

He says he is going to give it to Krystle's husband, Michael, who is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan.  He says he wants the football to be passed down through the family.

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