Local contractors protest outside CarMax, claim they were not paid

Workers protest outside CarMax

Workers in Salisbury protested Tuesday, outside of the new CarMax claiming they weren't paid in full for the work they finished six months ago.

Protestors from T&D Drywall help up signs that read "we want our money now", "pay us now" and "don't hire out of state contractors".

T&D tells us that Omni Construction, based in Ohio, hired them to build CarMax but that they're still owed more than $20 thousand they were promised for the job.

"They've given us the run around. CarMax is calling saying they'll cut our check. Then Omni is gonna call. Omni and CarMax are both going back and forth. We gave them until today at 10 AM to give us our funding and that hasn't happened so here we are," said Donna Haddock, Corporate Manager for T&D Drywall.

Haddock says laws need to be changed in Maryland to better protect subcontractors. T&D plans to protest outside of the car dealership once a week, until they are paid.

CarMax released a statement in response saying, "CarMax is aware of the dispute between T&D Drywall and Omni Construction. The two parties, T&D Drywall and Omni Construction, are working to resolve this matter."

47 ABC also reached out to Omni but we have yet to receive a response.

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