Local businesses gear up for Ocean City Air Show

In Ocean City the best in aviation will take the skies over the area this weekend for the OC Air Show.

"They have solos and do different types of passes then there's the formation flying aspect, which is something to behold in itself because they're flying literally just a couple of feet apart," said the Air Show Spokesperson, Chris Dirato.

But while the pilots will dominate the air, it is on the ground that Ocean City will really see a big difference with the amount of visitors the show brings in. 

According to officials, the signature event brings in thousands of people, which helps local businesses boost sales. 

"There's going to be an upward of 250,000 people here," said the Ocean City Spokesperson, Jessica Waters. 

"They'll be spending money on the boardwalk, and we know people purchase tickets to actually go to the show so, this is one of the biggest weekends we have in Ocean City," said Waters. 

"Any event that comes in on the weekend always boosts sales," said the Green Turtle Manager, Ken Jopson. 

"We get people from all over, including from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and I actually have some people from Kentucky and Dallas right now so it's a wide variety of people that come in," said Jopson. 

For other businesses, recent bad weather has slowed down sales, and they hope the OC Air Show will turn that around. 

"We're hoping that it will boost sales just because the rainy weather sales have been down a lot, so we're hoping this weekend really kicks it off since Memorial Day was a bit slow," said the Golden Plate Sub Shop Manager, Yagmar Karaman. 

"Economically, it's a wonderful event because it gets people outside, on the boardwalk and on the beach," said Waters. 

"Again, it's really just become a true signature event," she said. 

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