Lewes-area railroad removal in full gear

The City of Lewes is getting a facelift with the removal of railroad tracks that has served the community for about 150 years. 

According to DelDOT officials, the rails and ties from Lewes-area railroad tracks are scheduled to be removed by October 1 of this year. 

Officials say the 4 million dollar removal of the railroad tracks comes after the last train to Lewes was pulled out in December of 2017. 

Some of the areas where the removal is taking place is near the Margaret H. Rollins Community Center. 

"We're removing the eastern most about 10 miles of railroad track from the rail right away, so what that entails obviously all the tracks coming up so we're removing the rails and all the associated materials," said the DelDOT Program Manager, Robert Perrine.

Officials say five railroad crossings have been taken out so far for a total removal of 22 railroad crossings. 

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