Latoya Elzey found guilty of voluntary manslaughter

In Wicomico County, the verdict in a murder trial is in.
On Wednesday, the jury did not find enough evidence convict Latoya Elzey of first or second degree murder, but that doesn't mean she got off Scott free.
After three days of testimony and hours of deliberation, the jury found Elzey guilty of voluntary manslaughter, essentially saying that while her actions and the force used were unreasonable in the killing of her boyfriend Magail Hunter, the jury did believe that she thought her life was in danger.
In court, witness testimony painted a picture of what went on inside the apartment on East Road in Salisbury the night of May 21st, 2017.
The 41-year-old Hunter and 27-year-old Elzey had allegedly been couch surfing at the East Road apartment when they two began arguing late at night.The woman who was hosting them testified that she heard a slap and then Elzey exclaim something along the lines of Elzey being tired of Hunter putting his hands on her.
Moments later Elzey grabbed a knife from the kitchen drawer and went back to the argument. Then the woman said she heard a thud and came out of the kitchen to the sight of Hunter collapsed on the ground and Elzey holding a bloody knife.
But the defense claimed this act was just the unfortunate result of a woman in fear and desperation and one who had been a victim of domestic abuse before.
A forensic psychiatrist testified that during the time of the murder it was his belief that  Elzey was suffering from battered spouse syndrome, PTSD, and depressive disorder.
The jury also found Elzey guilty of second degree assault and reckless endangerment. Elzey is facing up to ten years in prison and is currently being held without bond until a pre-sentence investigation is completed.
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