Keeping the fur may help keep pets cool

With the heat on everyone's mind,  officials want to remind you to take extra care of our furry friends. They say extreme heat can impact each dog breed differently.

In fact, dog groomers say folks often think that keeping your dogs hair short during the summer will keep them cooler, but that's not always the case.

They say that dogs that have a double coat should not be shaved down during the summer, that's because their undercoat helps their skin breathe and their top coat serves as a layer of protection.

"With your double coated breeds you really don't want to get those shaved,  such as your labs, your rottweiler, your golden retrievers, huskies, what they need to have done is have their undercoat blown out. When you shave them you take away their barrier, that protects them from the sun and the heat," says Christian Thornhill, Cathy's Pet Salon & Spa.

Another tip, if you believe your dog is overheating animal experts recommend wiping them down with a wet and cool rag. Thornhill also adds that placing a little bit of rubbing alcohol on their paws to bring their body temperatures down.

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