“Justice For Germani”: Delawareans rally for stricter hit and run penalties

The mother of a little girl who was killed by a hit and run driver just months ago, organized a passionate rally in Dover Tuesday demanding change and a heavier penalty for hit and run drivers.

Shequita Truitt, Germani's mother, said, "My daughter Germani Truitt, she was just checking her mailbox in broad daylight and she was hit and the driver didn't notice her, he didn't stop, nor did he turn himself in."

The person who allegedly killed Germani Truitt is 21-year-old Dwayne McConnell of Seaford. He was released on an unsecured bail soon after police charged him with operation of a vehicle causing death of another person, inattentive driving, leaving the scene of a collision resulting in death and more.

The tragic death of Shequita Truitt's 9-year-old daughter, Germani, inspired her to call on legislators to increase the penalty for hit-and-run accidents. Shequita wants justice not only for Germani, but for all.

Shequita Truitt said, "You never know it could happen to anybody. If the laws don't change, it almost says that it is okay for you to go out here and hit people and you're not going to get much time at all."

Shequita was not the only mother present at Tuesday's rally, Joy Coberly also lost her son to a hit and run driver. She says her son was out walking the dog when he was hit.

Coberly said, "The rest of the people who are out there listening to this, it could be your child next time and that's why we're here. We have to change this law, it has got to be stricter."

Coberly continued to explain, "The hit and run laws has to be changed. As it stands right now, if someone is killed by a hit and run driver, the driver gets less than 2 years."

Tuesday's demonstrators say they hope their efforts inspire more Delawareans to demand change because this could happen to them.

Coberly said, "We need as Delawareans to step up and make them aware that we will not stand for this again."

Tuesday's rally was actually the second one organized by Shequita Truitt.

She had another one in Seaford a little over a month ago.

It's not clear how legislators are responding to her pleas, but many in the crowd hope that the men and women working for them in Dover will hear their cries.

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