In a disturbing trend, kittens are being thrown from cars

Recently, people have been posting on social media that they've seen kittens being thrown out of car windows on the Route 90 bridge leading into Ocean City.

We spoke to the Worcester County Humane Society and unfortunately, they told us they have had incidents like this happen before, and it's actually something that happens all over the country every day.

Shelter workers believe people who throw kittens out onto roadways do it because they don't have the money to take care of kittens, or they can't get the kittens adopted out but really, there is no excuse for this heinous act with all of the resources available in the county.

Julie Wallace, a Vet Tech at Worcester County Humane Society said, "I'm not sure why that phenomena happens, because there's so many better ways to find places for kittens to go if you cannot handle them. Any of the local shelters, we are the actual Humane Society here for Worcester County, we also have an animal control here for Worcester County. Ocean City has their own animal control, so there's plenty of places of shelters that will accept kittens all year."

If you see an animal get tossed out onto the roadway, you are encouraged to keep moving, unless you can pull off the road safely. 

Once you get the chance, officials ask that you call animal control or nearby authorities immediately.

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