Hundreds honor the life of local retired firefighter

In Salisbury, hundreds celebrated the life of a long-time community servant and they did it with smiles on their faces.

David Insley was a firefighter, a father, and a man who lived life to the fullest.

"He was just a hard working guy, he put his heart and soul in everything he did," says Ret. Deputy Chief Tom Lewis with the Salisbury Fire Dept.

That's how many describe David Insley, a retired fire captain with the Salisbury Fire Department. A man who gave decades of service to his community.

To his colleagues and friends, Insley couldn't have been more fit for a life of helping others.

Salisbury Fire Chief Rick Hoppes tells 47 ABC, "To the casual observer David was a very outgoing, robust and big personality kind of guy but to his friends who truly knew him, they knew that he had a very soft heart and a very tender personality which made him perfect for this job."

The hundreds of people paying homage to his loving and unique personality with Hawaiian shirts.

"When David wasn't in uniform he was in a Hawaiian shirt, a t-shirt that had some saying on it, it was just his personality."

And when he wasn't saving lives, you could usually find him under the sea. He had a passion for scuba diving leading Salisbury's underwater search and rescue team for 13 years.

"He loved the water, he loved the islands and he loved working, helping other people that was his life."

A life lost too soon, but a life that will never be forgotten in the fire community.  

"I think his legacy is that of service. As all firefighters and firefighter paramedics strive to do that. I think we would all strive to be remembered for our selfless service in the act of performing that for the citizens who in their time of need call on us and we say we're ready. David was that guy," says Hoppes.

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