Habitat partners to offer help to homeowners in Somerset

The Wicomico Habitat for Humanity is teaming with organizations and towns in Somerset to aid homeowners in the area.

The partnership is with Somerset Planning and Zoning, Princess Anne and Crisfield.  The homeowner roof and repair grant and loan interest initiative will help a couple dozen homeowners with funding modifications and repairs, including new ramps, extra hand rails, etc.

As of now, Wicomico Habitat is applying to help 11 homeowners get new roofs, and another dozen with home repairs.

"Folks that have reverse mortgages.  There's a lot of programs that say no to them.  There are some programs that will say yes," said Wicomico Habitat executive director Molly Hilligoss.  "So we've discovered what those programs are, and like I said if someone has been denied in the past, we want them to come out and see if we can get them the home repair that they need."

Habitat is also helping local homeowners with deals for kitchen appliances at their Salisbury restore.

We're told a donation of a dozen fridges, stoves, and microwaves, along with other appliances are available, and at low prices.

These items donated to the store will in turn help Habitat with future missions.

"Funding our mission is huge.  In the last twelve months we sold five houses to partner families and if you think about what does that mean, we'll when we sell a house we're selling it as zero percent interest," said Hilligoss.

Local homeowners can attend two meetings to apply for help.  Those meetings will be held at Crisfield City Hall on Monday, June 25 at 5:30 PM, and Wednesday, June 27 at 10 AM at the Princess Anne Town Hall conference room.

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