Grand Prix makes way to OC

With another weekend on the horizon, that means another big event making its way to Ocean City.

This weekend marks the Ocean City Grand Prix, an event that brings in some of the greatest powerboat racing teams in the world.

Saturday marks boat testing day for the teams, and the races will kickoff on Sunday.  Two races will be taking place at noon and 1:30 PM, and will feature more than 35 teams.

This weekend will feature some rough surf, which makes things a bit tougher for the racers.

"I hear it's going to be pretty rough, it's in the Atlantic, I'm from the other side of the Atlantic," said Steve Curtis, a Throtle in the races this weekend.  "So I know how the water can be.  So I think that's going to be the major challenge for us, the rough seas.  It can get pretty bumpy out there in these boats."

This race is the first of three for the GEICO Triple Crown Offshore Powerboat racing series, and will conclude in August in Massachusetts.

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