Governor Carney signs narcan immunity bill for public safety personnel

On Tuesday, Governor John Carney signed a bill that will provide immunity for public safety personnel administering Narcan to those who appear to have overdosed. Public safety officials including volunteer firefighters and other emergency responders will  be immune from lawsuits during their efforts to save a life by administering Naloxone, also known as Narcan. Back in January, state officials created the bill, and they say this is a huge win for the state.

"We were faced with a significant addiction problem in the bill represents another tool in the toolbox. The definition was broadened and the basis then is to say you don't have to worry about making an honest mistake as you deliver this life saving medication," said Senator Anthony Delcollo.

Delcollo says the bill should go into effect within the next couple of days, and he adds that this new bill will help save more lives throughout the state.

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