Ex-FBI agent in Texas gets probation for passport fraud

(AP) – An ex-FBI agent in West Texas must serve four years of probation for lying about personal information in 2014 while seeking a passport.

Federal prosecutors on Tuesday announced the penalty for Rhonda Lynn Chesser Lindstrom. She earlier was convicted of making a false statement while applying for a passport. A judge also found Chesser Lindstrom obstructed justice and ordered six months of home confinement.

Prosecutors say Chesser Lindstrom, while an FBI agent in El Paso, appeared at a passport agency with a Louisiana birth certificate issued in 2011. The document said her birth date was Aug. 26, 1977. Her Maryland driver's license had that same birth date.

A passport worker noticed the birth certificate appeared to have handwritten changes. Officials later determined Chesser Lindstrom's birth date was Aug. 26, 1976.

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