Downtown projects moving forward

We have additional information to report on two potential projects that are on the brink of becoming official in downtown Salisbury.

The city is still in the process of awarding projects to two different companies for two projects along the Wicomico River.

One would be a beer garden at the Salisbury Green, we are told that project would begin and be completed this summer before the Folk Festival.

The other project would be constructed on parking lot 16, adjacent to Route 13.

The complex there would be a mixed-use building for both commercial and residential uses.

We're told the city is severely lacking in real estate, especially downtown, and projects like the one on lot 16 are part of the city's downtown master plan.

"We are in short supply on every front (in the housing market)," said Mayor Jake Day.  "So we desperately need more housing in our community.  Every project where we can begin to get a couple apartments here or there, couple houses here or there, is good for all of us."

The city will disclose the renderings and announce the developers for the project following its City Council meeting on Wednesday.

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