Dize elected Mayor of Crisfield

A steady stream of voters make their voices heard at the ballot boxes on Wednesday.  When the dust had settled and the ballots counted, Barry Dize was declared the winner in the race for Mayor of Crisfield.

Three other seats were also up for grabs, as six candidates were left on the ballot to serve in city government.

The two candidates vying for the mayor's seat Business manager Barry Dize and Councilwoman Charlotte Scott, showed contrasts in their background.  But both ran on returning Crisfield to a tourism capital on the eastern shore.

Dize won on the back of his decades of experience managing in the private sector.

"I have several decade or more of management experience and just bringing people together, working together for one goal.  So I feel like that's, and the love of the city.  I just want to give back to the town that's been so good and given me a nice life."

He says having that managing experience has helped to mold him into the chief in Crisfield.

"I think it's all in one.  You have to have compassion, you have to understand budgets.  You have to understand people.  I think I have all of those qualities."

Dize has a plan, calling it One Crisfield.  He says economic development will be the key to restoring Crisfield to being a tourism destination on the eastern shore.

"Just means that everybody will be listened to, every corner of the city will be listened to, everybody will have a voice."

We also have learned the results of the three races for city council, James ford, Gail Langford and Nelson Sheppard each will take a spot in city council.

Also of note, Councilman Mark Konapelsky has been ousted, the only incumbent council member in the field.

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