DelDOT working to complete North Street in Dover

With the beautiful weather outside, it's finally giving del dot workers the opportunity to finish up some projects that have been stalled by the rain.

One of those being a $1.5 five million improvement project on North Street in Dover.  

The project aims to improve side walks and crossing signals for pedestrians. 

Beyond that, they're fixing drainage issues and repainting the roadway. 

DelDOT is doing the entire street block by block, so they aren't completely in the way for drivers. 

Director of Community Relations, C.R. McLeod says, "The road conditions have not been good and they haven't been the safest for cyclists and pedestrians. We feel with these new street scape improvements, it's going to improve the overall feel of the roadway but also safety for those who are driving, cycling, and walking."

We're told with the previous delays, the project will now be done by the end of August. 

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