Del. Cannabis Advocacy Network pushes for cannabis legalization bill before session ends

Dover is buzzing as the legislative session comes to a close.

There are a countless number of groups and advocates that would like to have the final say to get one more bill passed, which is why many of them came to Legislative Hall Tuesday. 

The Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network (DCAN) had been talking to legislators all day pushing for House Bill 110 to go through. 

This marijuana legalization bill was introduced back in March of 2017 but it's their latest efforts that could bring the bill to life.

DCAN's Executive Director, Zoe Patchell says, "It's really important that we get out of the hands of the criminal market, creating legal jobs and revenue for Delaware."

After hearing recommendations from the Cannabis Task Force, an amendment was introduced. 

"It includes prohibiting any of the edibles to be in the shape in cartoon characters or anything market to children, it also allocates to law enforcement," Patchell says. 

Beyond that, it also redefines a previous allocation of the revenue to include funding for all substance abuse treatment and prevention.

Primary Sponsor Representative Helene Keeley believes that despite session coming to a close, the door is still wide open for HB 110. 

Representative Keeley says, "I'm very hopeful that the bill will pass. And hopefully the Senate will have enough opportunity to take it up. I think that even moving and having a vote in the house is a set in the right direction."

The Delaware Cannabis Advocacy Network says this was their last cannabis lobbying day but they plan to continue to reach out to legislators until the last day of session. 

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