Del. budget passes in both House and Senate

A 4.2 billion dollar budget has passed in both the Delaware House and Senate.

Lawmakers have set aside more than 20 million dollars for education that will focus on early childhood, and provide grants to support low income students.

Another issue the budget hopes to tackle is the opioid crisis by putting more 1,000 naloxone kits in the hands of first responders. The budget looks to help infants who have been exposed to substance abuse.

"I don't think that anyone is not touched by  someone who has been either addicted, family  member, loved one," says Senator Poore.

Another big one on the budget is funding for the Department of Corrections, which includes increasing the starting salary for correctional officers and heightening security inside prisons.

"We probably still have a little way to go in the coming years with that, but we're trying to look at where the problems lie, and what needs to be done," says Senator Harris McDowell.

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