Del. asks for emergency disaster relief after farmers lose crops

Believe it or not, the recent rain has actually good for local farmers in Sussex County.

With the past nine or so hot days we've seen lately, the farmers need this rain for their soybeans and other summer crops.

But a couple weeks ago, rain was definitely not the answer.

Farmers all across Delmarva, especially those in Sussex County are hurting after six weeks of torrential rainfall.

Rainfall that proved to be too much for many crops and that loss of crops brought quite the loss of income.

"Pretend that you take 15 percent of your pay check this year out of your pocket and you're going to work harder than you've ever worked and it's going to cost you more money than you've ever spent and you're going to loose 15 percent right off the bat," explains Nathan Hudson, a long-time Sussex County farmers and crop consultant. 

To help try and alleviate that burden, Delaware's Dept. of Agriculture requests emergency declaration from USDA for the loss of crops.

If granted, this will give farmers time to apply and get an emergency loan. But in order to qualify the state has to have at least 30 percent loss in crop production for at least one crop.

Hudson says even if farmers receive those loans, they still have payments that will be harder to make.


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