Day Two: Latoya Elzey murder trial

Latoya Elzey, 27, of Salisbury  (Courtesy of the Office of the State's Attorney for Wicomico County)

In Wicomico County, it's day two of 27-year-old Latoya Elzey's murder trial. Elzey is facing murder charges for her alleged role in the stabbing death of her boyfriend 41-year-old Magail Hunter.
Day two came with an interesting twist, the defendant Latoya Elzey testifying in front of the jury and the defense also calling a forensic psychiatrist to the stand claiming Elzey was suffering from battered spouse syndrome during the time of the murder.
While under oath, Elzey would stick to what she told authorities back in May of 2017, that she didn't stab Magail Hunter, that he 'walked into the knife' she was holding.
A knife she testified to holding in hopes of warning him to back away from her and end the fight they were having the night of May 21, 2017.
Elzey also testifying to abuse she experienced not only with Hunter but past relationships. Testifying on the stand that Hunter choked her at least once a week, even just days before the murder happened because she wouldn't have sexual intercourse with him.
The state eluding to the fact that there was no physical evidence of this alleged abuse. That Elzey had never gone to the police, that she had no pictures or doctor visits.
But the jury didn't just hear from Elzey, the defense would bring in a forensics psychiatrist who told the jury, during the time of the crime she was suffering from battered spouse syndrome, PTSD, and moderate alcohol abuse and depressive disorder.
Mental health and substance abuse issues stemming from Elzey's alleged childhood and intimate relationship abuse, according to the psychiatrist. And findings he made after several psychiatric tests and evaluations were conducted when he interviewed Elzey in December of 2017 while incarcerated.
Although, the state says the psychiatrist's conclusions should be questioned because many were  drawn from statements made by Elzey.
On Wednesday, the jury will hear closing arguments from both the state and defense until deliberating to reach a verdict that will decide the fate of Latoya Elzey.
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