Crisfield residents react to election results; hope change will come

"I see a lot of good things happening.  The towns getting better, "said resident Mark Brawders.

It's been almost a week since resident's of Crisfield cast their ballot for the candidates they'd hoped would become the next leaders of the crab capital of the word. Now there's a new mayor in town along with three new council members, all promising to use their power to revitalize Crisfield, and residents hope they'll stick to their word.

"I think the previous administration did what they could with what they had, I look forward to some fresh ideas from new people coming in and are willing to work with businesses down in this area," said business owner Dean Goldsborough.

With just a couple days until Crisfield's new mayor and council members are sworn into office, business owners and residents in the area say they anticipate this new administration will tackle serious issues throughout the town.

"Just keep fixing things up,  a lot of the homes aren't in very good shape but I see people fixing things up, buying and fixing things up and that's a good thing," said Brawders.

Instead of seeing empty buildings with for rent signs, they want to see businesses flourish throughout the town.

"Hopefully he'll spend more money and make this a better community," said Brawders.

"I'd like to see a little more businesses come to town, geared more towards the recreational part which affects us naturally. I'd love to see boats and kayak launches come. They've been in the planning stages for quite some time and hopefully with this new administration they'll become a reality," said Goldsborough.

And they hope they can all move forward as a community.

"It's about getting stronger, if we get stronger, our businesses get stronger, if our businesses get stronger our town's economy gets stronger, everything kind of relies on everything else ," said Goldsborough.

The new mayor and council members will be sworn into their positions on Wednesday June 27th at the town's regular meeting in City Hall starting at 6 PM.


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