Concerns raised over hole near walkway on Del. beach

Concerns are being raised about a hole that's formed under the Indian River Inlet bridge that appears to be growing. 

The hole sits under the north side of the bridge, right behind the sidewalk where many people fish. 

Since the Indian River State Park does not have good lighting at night, the hole is pretty much invisible to anyone walking without a flashlight. 

Some locals believe it's only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured. 

The State Park has put up a fence by the hole to block people from falling into it from the sidewalk, but the hole continues to grow every week. 

A frequent visitor of the park, Elaine Johnson, reached out to the Army Corps of Engineers for help. She says although they were quick to respond, they haven't put any plans into motion yet. 

Now that same visitor explains her hope for the future. 

Johnson said, "That we can get this repaired initially to the point where we can not be concerned about safety and then maybe the army corps of engineers can do something permanently with it so that it doesn't happen again."

Johnson tells us there are problems on the south side of the bridge. Apparently a long trench has developed behind that sidewalk as well.

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