Community and Pocomoke officials quiet about Police Chief resignation

In Pocomoke City, the community and city leaders are staying silent about Chief William "Bill" Harden's resignation. 

47 ABC learned the reason for the split was a difference in opinion between the town and Harden on the way the policing should be done in the community. 

When 47 ABC reached out to town for a comment one councilman declined while the other calls went unanswered. 

Similar to city officials residents 47 ABC spoke to did not want to talk on camera about Harden's resignation. Some said they were worried about the potential repercussions that could follow if they spoke their mind.   

Unfortunately for Pocomoke City, a controversy surrounding the police department is not new. Former Police Chief Kelvin Sewell was controversially fired in 2015 and claimed that he and other African-American officers were targets of racism from town officials. Those claims that led to an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuit being filed against the city that is still working its way through federal court. 

After Sewell's firing, Lt. Earl Starner from the Maryland State Police served briefly as interim police chief before Harden took over in the fall of 2015. 

Now for the fourth time in roughly three years, another African-American police chief is on his way out of town and  Pocomoke will again be in search of a new man to head their police department.  

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