City officials hope to address need for more parking

For decades parking has been a major concern for both residents and visitors in the City of Lewes.  Now the city is putting together two committees to try and help address those problems.

One committee will focus on downtown Lewes, while the other will focus on parking near the beach.

Downtown has two parking lots, one of which isn't utilized as much as the city would want because it isn't adjacent to downtown.

But the beach area is seen as a big problem area for many reasons.

"Two public parking lots are just not large enough to accommodate it.  And so people park on the street," said Lewes deputy mayor Fred Beaufait.

Lewes resident Craig Hendrickson says he and neighbors between Bay and Cedar Streets have seen the parking dilemma first hand.

Folks park their cars on residential property to head to the beach when lots are full.  And they leave behind a trail for locals.

"It's an issue not only people parking their car, but sometimes the behavior the trash people leave and what not," said Beaufait.

We asked locals what suggestions they might have.  Hendrickson suggested making an effort to define what is available for parking, and what is not.

One idea thrown out wouldn't add parking spots but could make financial sense for the city.

"One thing they could look at doing is running a shuttle back and forth," said Hendrickson.   "I think even if people had to pay a couple dollars to ride the shuttle that could be an answer."

The town's goal is to do their best to increase parking availability while not disturbing residents.

If you want to get involved in trying to make Lewes a more parking-friendly city, the committees will be looking for public input at their meetings. 

We're told the committees are currently in their formative stages and decisions on parking won't be made for a few months.

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