Ceremony held to honor deployed soldiers role in battling terror

Troops Welcomed Home, DE National Guard

The Delaware National Guard held a ceremony to welcome back the some of their own who volunteered for a one-year deployment overseas Friday in Smyrna.

The team played a pivotal role in the fight against ISIS in the middle east, aiding the Army with communications.

The room filled with emotions of the returning soldiers and of their loved ones.

"I told myself I'm not going to cry but you know what, those tears come automatically," said Jean Alexitch, mother of her son, Spec. James Alexitch.

The nineteen men and women were the army's eyes and ears during their year-long deployment in southwest Asia.

"We were able to sit down, get together, really solid plan that our director loved and be able to implement it, and it's still being used on the field right now," said Lt. Theresa Krakowiak, a future planner in the signal division.

While supporting Operation Inherent Resolve, the team served under the Army's 18th Airborne Corps communication section, supporting logistics, and upkeeping networks.

"Doing our part to thwart the global war on terrorism, it's absolutely fantastic being a part of that," said Chris Alexitch.

They may be a small group, but it's a small group making a big impact in the global fight against terror, and a great source of pride for The First State.

"Even though we were a small group of nineteen, the nineteen of us were able to make a big impact over in the signal communications field over there," said Krakowiak.

While these soldiers are now back home, their thoughts are now with their brothers and sisters still deployed overseas.

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