Cannabis cultivation facility in Cambridge making an economic impact

It's no surprise that places like Cambridge want to revitalize their city to bring it back to life.

In fact, most of the cities in our area, are constantly coming up with new ways to attract visitors and reel in new business. 

But a growing venture in Dorchester County is sparking a different kind of conversation. 

It's called Culta: it's a cannabis cultivation facility.

They just opened up in October but they plan to stay in Cambridge for years to come, as they continue to blossom.

Their president Mackie Barch started out in pharmaceuticals but made his way to the cannabis industry. 

"We actually have 12 acres here and the long term vision here is to have a cannabis campus. We're right off 50 we want to invite tour groups," Barch says. 

Besides medical needs, this growing facility is also creating an economic boost for Groove City.

Barch tells 47 ABC, "We've invested about $12 million here in Cambridge. We used all local contractors, we used all locals architects, local sub contractors and we hire from the community. We pay 30% above the average wage here."

Culta has hired 55 employees, all local. One employee tells us that the job market can be hard in Dorchester County and that Culta pays better than most businesses. 

Brandon Hesson, the Associate Director of Economic Development says that Culta is a full scaled market place with multiple jobs, which is offering many opportunities.

But Culta isn't stopping here. They hope to continue to flourish, impacting Cambridge for years to come.

"We're talking roughly 100,000 square foot grow, outdoor cultivation, potential greenhouse. We also have a processing lab here. So, a couple 100 jobs in the long term probably with over $30 to 40 million capital investment in the next 10 years," Barch says. 

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