Brandywine Counseling opens Milford Treatment Center

The Brandywine Counseling Treatment Center in Milford is essential for Kent and Sussex County. 

Some centers offer specific needs but this one provides multiple services in the same location.

CEO Lynn Fahey says, "Having everything under one roof, the psychiatric nurse practitioner to counselors to medically assisted treatment and of course, the drop-in. That’s a huge piece of the puzzle that a lot of people aren’t able to incorporate into their programming. And then we have intensive outpatient, medically assistant treatments."

This was crucial for this specific area, as the city of Milford continues to grow, so does the opioid problem. 

Milford Mayor Archie Campbell says he moved to the area 12 years ago and there were about 6,800 people. Now they have 11,000. 

"There’s a lot of growth happening in Milford. They have some hospital systems opening up and qualified health organizations opening up and yet there was no outpatient substance abuse mental health facility in this area," Fahey tells us. 

And that's why the power of communication and partnership is key. The Mayor, Chief of Police, and Brandywine Counseling are all teaming up to make sure the city is taking proactive steps in finding a solution to this opioid problem. 

Besides this permanent location, they also have a mobile vehicle that does health screenings and that goes up and down the state. 

To learn more about the programs you can call them at 302-656-2348. 

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