Beach replenishment project pushed back

The summer beach season has arrived, but the coastline in Delaware is still feeling the effects of the brutal winter, including a few Nor'Easters earlier this year.

Bethany, South Bethany and Fenwick are all in line for beach replenishment, but the dates for those projects has now been moved back due to delays for the Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company.

The newest schedule released has the project beginning July 28 in Fenwick, with Bethany and South Bethany's projects coming before that date.

Local officials tell us the area is due for the project, and they're happy to be seeing the replenishment get underway this summer.

"It's been, I believe, five years since Fenwick was done.  And, also there was a lot of damage done to Bethany and South Bethany this winter with the Nor'Easters," said Fenwick Mayor Gene Langan.

Langan adds that Fenwick is on a four year cycle for replenishment, and it's now been five years.

He adds that it might be better for his town to see the project pushed back as to not interfere as much with tourism season.

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