Agreement between Mountaire & DNREC could be in jeopardy

DNREC & Mountaire

A Delaware law firm has filed a motion to intervene in an agreement between both Mountaire and DNREC.

Earlier this week, the two groups reached an agreement on how they will address citations, stemming from pollution from Mountaire's Millsboro facility.

Wednesdsay, a law firm representing hundreds of Millsboro residents filed a formal objection against the agreement. The firm argues that the agreement does not address their clients' health and safety concerns.

Mountaire released a statement in response to the objection saying, "this motion to intervene is nothing more than an attempt to corrupt the regulatory process" and "will slow the process of improving their wastewater facility".

See below for their full statement:

“Mountaire will vigorously oppose this motion, which is filled with baseless allegations. This attempt by plaintiffs’ lawyers to intervene has nothing to do with the health and safety of Millsboro citizens. To be clear, these plaintiffs’ lawyers, partnering with out of state law firms, have been actively soliciting clients for months in hopes of cobbling together a class action lawsuit – a lawsuit designed to handsomely line their pockets while leaving little behind for their clients."

"The Consent Decree filed by DNREC in connection with its Superior Court lawsuit is a carefully negotiated agreement that represents the thoughtful and considered judgment of the State’s chief environmental regulator, DNREC Secretary Shawn Garvin, and the team of environmental scientists and engineers that support him, as well as the team of engineers, scientists and consultants working with Mountaire to rehabilitate and upgrade its wastewater treatment plant."

"This motion to intervene is nothing more than an attempt to corrupt the regulatory process in order to further the plaintiff’s lawyers’ separate agenda, and will serve only to slow the process of upgrading and improving our wastewater treatment facility.”

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