50 outdoor cats treated on Chincoteague Island clinic

More than 30 cats from Chincoteauge Island were spayed and neutered Saturday and it was all in an effort  to benefit not only just the cats who live there, but also the communities who care for them. Earlier this week Alley Cat Allies provided grant funding for a large spay and neuter clinic in the area. Volunteers and experts spent Friday morning trapping community cats. On Saturday, veterinarians from the Pocomoke Animal Hospital performed the surgeries and inserted microchips. Officials say each step is an important part of a process known as Trap- Neuter- and Return.

"We trap them, we fix them, we spay or neutered them, gave them their rabies shot gave them a flea treatment as well and took care of them while they were in there so we can prevent them from continuing to reproduce," said Pocomoke Animal Hospital Veterinarian Jeffrey Reed.

"By having trap neuter and return events it allows us to spay and neuter those cats, return them to their outdoor homes so they can live a healthy, happy, life," said CI Community Cats Founder Julie Brommer.

Officials add they hope to have another trap neuter and return program available next month.

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