47 ABC flies with GEICO Skytypers

It's all eyes to the sky this weekend. The Ocean City Air Show is just a few days away and  flight teams are already making their way to the shore, one of those are the GEICO Skytypers

The Skytypers are a team of six that will be taking over the skies during the Ocean City Air Show. 47 ABC got tag along for a ride.

Flight Lead, Larry Arken tells us these planes were built back in the 1940s. They used during World War II for training.

"All those pilots started in this airplane , they call it the pilot maker for that reason. They went tot his airplane and they learned how to fly airplane as an advanced trainer, doing aerobatics, gunnery, and formation," says Arken.

What makes the Skytypers unique is their low level flying and tactical moves.

"Another thing that we do that nobody else does is we write in the sky with puffs of smoke. Almost as a digital matrix. And we put out messages. We can put up to 25 letters in less than 2 minutes," says Arken.

The OC Air Show will take place June 16th-17th.

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