Ocean City Council tackles homeless issue

With summer right around the corner, Ocean City officials are looking to address the number of homeless people in the downtown and Boardwalk area.  

According to police, the homeless are taking up residence on the benches, parks and bus stops. 

Officials say this has created problems for residents and visitors, particularly around the Boardwalk area. They also say that they've tried to help the homeless transition into shelters and plan for a better life. 

"We've tried to work with the homeless community, those that we see that are homeless in Ocean City, by educating them and letting them know where shelters are available," said the Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan. 

"Also, by letting them know what opportunities exist for them if they're interested in moving on from that status," said Meehan. 

The Mayor also said that he doesn't want an unfavorable atmosphere for Boardwalk visitors. He says the town will address the issue in the most positive way. 

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