Md. and Del. poultry now billion dollar industries

One of Delmarva's biggest industries has just hit a huge milestone, chicken is now a billion dollar industry in both Maryland and Delaware.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's latest numbers, for the first time in history Maryland's chicken industry reached a value of more than a billion dollars in a year.  

This is big news for Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc. because they say reaching this mark shows the strength and the durability of the chicken industry.

"That represents money that is available for income for farmers for wages for chicken company employees, for cash in the registers of really any business where farmers or employees spend money," explains James Fisher, from Delmarva Poultry Industry, Inc.

They also tell us this is a sign that the economy is coming back and that chicken is certainly growing in popularity. Delaware reached the billion dollar mark back in 2014 as well.

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