Day One: Ryan Holden Murder Trial

In Wicomico County, an alleged murderer faces a jury for the very first time. Ryan Holden is one of three people facing charges for the 2017 murder of Anthony Cropper and is the first to go to trial.

The 20-year-old is facing first and second degree murder charges.

Day one consisted of several witnesses getting called to the stand by the state, including the victim's daughter who talked about what the suspect was allegedly wearing the night of the crime.

That night, June 10, 2017 was when her father 57-year-old Anthony Cropper was killed in his home on Middle Neck Drive in Salisbury.

The state alleges Ryan Holden, John Schoolfield, and Courtlen Costen all conspired to rob Cropper's residence, but the state believes Holden was the one who pulled the trigger.

In court on Monday, two key testimonies were heard.

The first was.the victim's daughter testifying that she was right next to her father when Holden shot him.
Also telling the jury that she recognized Holden from high school and was able to pick him out of the high school yearbook to investigators.

The second, co-defendant John Schoolfield, testifying that he was the one who knocked on Cropper's door, but Holden pulled the trigger.

Schoolfield has an agreement with the state admitting guilt to armed robbery in exchange for his testimony in trial.

During cross-examination, the defense tried to prove inconsistencies within Schoolfield's and the victim's daughter's testimonies, details regarding what Holden was wearing.

The victim's daughter testifying that he was wearing a black hat with a red rim, but Schoolfield said he wasn't wearing a hat.

The state would also call one of the investigators to the stand who recovered a blue bandana in the area of where the murder took place, one that both witnesses testified to Holden wearing that night.

The trial is set to resume tomorrow at 9 p.m. with the state continuing to call witnesses to the stand.


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