Made On Delmarva: Painted Stave Distilling

Mike Rasmussen and Ron Gomes are changing the game with their spirits.

"Our goal was to make something very different," says Rasmussen.

The dynamic duo set up shop in Smyrna and transformed a historic movie theater into Painted Stave Distilling.

"We started producing vodka and gin, when we opened. But we also produce whiskeys, we have a straight bourbon, we have a straight rye whiskey, we just launched a corn whiskey," says Rasmussen.

However the one that is bringing home the bacon is their scrapple flavored vodka, named 'Off The Hoof'.

"It is a very savory vodka, some of the main flavoring ingredients we use is fresh sage, black pepper.  There is a little bit of this meatiness that underpins that," says Rasmussen.

This unique concoction has caught many people's attention, and has them 'squealing' for more.

"We've had folks reach out to us from all over the world. Who've seen this product, who want to try it," says Rasmussen.

We're told  they make a batch 2 to 3 times a year,  and we got to see first hand how they make it.

"So the first thing we do is we put together a batch of vodka, or a neutral spirit. It is a corn based neutral spirit. It's basically vodka that is 100 proof," says Rasmussen.

They then prep their ingredients.

"So we are going to get nutmeg, cracked black pepper. We are going to chop up about 40 pounds of apples. We are going to get a couple pounds of sage, and 40 pounds of scrapple," says Rasmussen.

The ingredients are cooked in the vodka for 8 hours. Mike checks on the vodka throughout the process to ensure the taste is just right.

When the vodka is done, Ron preps the bottles so they can be filled.

And it's time to pour up a drink!

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