Local family adopts five brothers and sisters after being in foster care for almost 3 years

Successful adoption stories are every social workers dream, but this one from Worcester County takes the cake. 

It was a big adoption day for one family, but it's something you don't see every day. 

Tina and Steve Collins' adoption story is one for the books. They didn't grow their family by one, or two, they essentially added another family. Five brothers and sisters, Konner, Kelsie, Kennedy, Karter and Kaden, who range from eight to two, are the newest additions to the Collins clan making them a party of 12. 

And after three years in foster care, Worcester County Department of Social Services isn't just excited that they found the kids a home, they're excited that they were able to find a family that would keep them under the same roof. 

"It's hard enough that they lose their birth family. If they can keep apart of themselves with them, than that was important for us," Tina says. 

The Collins knew that ripping them apart just wouldn't be right, "I was convinced right away when I saw their faces. I just couldn't look at them and tell them no you can't go with us. I just can't imagine telling them that, I think we felt they are meant to be our children from the beginning. So they are meant to be with us."

After the children spent over 1,000 days without a home, it's safe to say that this adoption day outshines the others. Some things are worth the wait. 

"A lot of people say to us that what a blessing we are to the children but we feel it's a complete opposite. We feel to blessed to be chosen to be their parents," Tina tells us. 

Worcester County's Department of Social Services says there are currently 34 children in foster care and they are in need of families to adopt. 

If you are interested, you can call them at 410-677-6849.

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