Cardin responds to Trump tariffs effects on eastern shore

We asked Maryland Senator Ben Cardin to discuss the tariffs potential impact on the area, and his answer was simple, not good.

The Senator says tariffs could effect soybean farmers and other crops produced on the eastern shore.  Cardin adds the tariffs could dramatically hurt farmers on the shore, and will also hurt consumers.

"Agriculture is a marginal business.  Any impact, you know, you have a bad weather season, it's devastating to our farmers.  So a tariff of this nature could have a very dramatic impact for those farmers who export, and their product will be subject to this tariff."

Cardin agreed with the administration that we need to modernize our trade rules, and be aggressive while going after country's that violate our trade rules.  He says disagrees with the blanket tariffs instituted by Trump, and says tariffs should be instituted after tough negotiations.

When asked if he had talked to the president about the tariffs and their effects, he said he had not but has had conversations with the president's team.

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