Wind storm effects locals across The First State

Folks across Delmarva have seen some incredible footage of the power of the windstorm that has swept through the region, effecting locals everyday lives, and Delaware was not spared.

The wind roared across Delaware Friday resulting in fallen trees, reported power outages, damage to homes, and erosive conditions along Delaware's coastline.  Gusts reached over 60 miles per hour in three locations; Lewes at 66, Dover at 62 and Dewey Beach at 61 MPH.

Officials and locals we spoke with from municipalities across Sussex County are reporting a combination of all the above.

Rehoboth Beach Commissioner Kathy McGuiness reported down branches and trees, adding the wind, "definitely made an impact."

We ran into one Laurel resident who saw the power of the wind first hand in her own front yard.

"It has definitely been a lot of down branches and trees.  I have half my tree down in my front yard and actually blocking my driveway," said Katie DeFlice.

And the wind has been causing hazardous conditions on the roadways, making some of Delaware's roads a maze of debris for motorists, including those who drive for a living like Delmar resident Josh Macey.

"A lot of tree branches and what not have been falling into the road and across the road, (I've) been hitting a lot of cardboard boxes from stuff in fields."

Flying debris has also startled drivers throughout the day on Friday.

"My car actually almost got hit by a branch on my way home from work and it's just been, like, just branches all over the road," said DeFlice.

"Driving up and down the road all day has been gust of wind that will like blow the cars off the road almost," said Macey.

With reports of the storm raging on through the weekend, it has many rethinking their weekend plans.

"We're supposed to go out and go to Ocean City, so I don't think that's going to happen," said DeFlice.

Unfortunately for those in Rehoboth conditions may not be getting much better for this weekend.

A code red has been issued by the town that will run through Saturday.

On the town's website, they site hazardous conditions from high wind gusts and potential coastal flooding.  They also say there will be a high wind warning throughout the day on Saturday, with gusts up to 70 MPH, especially along the coast.

"They have put out an alert talking about power outages, gusts of wind," said Commissioner McGuiness.  "But apparently, it's supposed to be tapering off through the evening and minor coastal flooding…  It is a coastal storm, and knock on wood we are in good shape here in Rehoboth, and we hope other neighboring towns are doing the same, and I hope they're in good shape as well."

If the weather gets extreme there is a number for those in Rehoboth to call in case of emergency, 302.227.2577.

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