Wicomico High School expands food pantry

Wicomico High School has received a growing demand for its food pantry since its opening two months ago.

The school has already served over 500 students and family members using donations from the Maryland Food Bank and the community and grants.

"Originally when we partnered with the Maryland Food Bank, we were kind of looking at maybe giving some small emergency bags every week," said Shannon Hinman, the food pantry facilitator.

"But with different grants that we've gotten and all the donations and support from the community, we've been able to give kids multiple bags," said Hinman, an English teacher. 

The school is also looking to provide hydroponic lettuce created by a tech ed teacher, as well as reaching out to farmers for more fresh products. 

Hinman said the food pantry also needs more space to put frozen food and offer meat and other proteins to students. 

"The kids can't believe you're offering them free food… and you can hear them think about people in their family to bring the food," she said.

"Its just been a really rewarding experience." 

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