UPDATE: Officials back on scene removing dead and live horses from Quantico property

Local officials were on the scene at the Quantico farm owned by Barbara Pilchard where the dead bodies of over two dozen horses were found on site.

Sheriff Mike Lewis was in consultation with the States Attorney's office, Wicomico County Humane Society and Maryland Department of Environment to determine if they had the authority to evacuate these horses at the Cherry Walk Drive home.  They are now saying they have the authority and are acting as swiftly as possible.

"And we are in the process documenting and cataloging everything with a horse rescue company that's down here out of Woodbine, Maryland, and we hope to start removing these horses very shortly," said Lewis.

The work now moves to the logistics of where these horses go, how long will it take, and which horses get attention first.

We're told there is a shelter in Maryland that has agreed to take in some horses, and authorities have been inundated by calls from volunteers.

But before these good Samaritans can claim one of these animals, they have to prove they are the right place for them.

"Do they have the rehab services and the sources to be able to actually take care of those animals.  And that's what we're trying to do right now," says Wicomico Humane Society Director Aaron Balsamo.

We have been told one horse had to be euthanized Friday due to its condition, with potentially more to come.

Lewis adds that he saw clear signs of neglect on the property and fully expects charges to come in the future.

Anyone with information related to the investigation is asked to call the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office at 410-548-4891.

47ABC currently has a reporter on the scene and will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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