UMES celebrates Pi Day by attempting to set a record

March 14th is Pi Day, and no we're not talking about the type of pie that you eat. We're talking about the math symbol.

Many celebrate this day through unique and creative ways, and joining in are students and staff at UMES. The university took this day to the next level by trying to set a world record.

In honor of Pi Day students attempted to make the world's largest shaving cream pie. In order to make it into the Guinness books, they made a pie that is over 7 feet in diameter.

Staff tells us this was part of a STEM project where students had to calculate the amount of supplies needed and construct a base that would support all the shaving cream. By the time they were all done students used a total of 150 cans of shaving cream to complete their pie.

"I really liked how they used their minds, how they adjusted, how they came up with ideas, and how we really collaborated," says Susan Rainey, an Administrative Assistant at UMES.

There is still one last step before making into the Guinness books. Staff will have to submit their application and show proof of setting this record, which can take anywhere from 10-12 weeks to get official recognition.

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