The first salt spa and floating center on the Eastern Shore pops up in Ocean City

A new health trend has found it's way to Delmarva. 

It's called floating, or known as float therapy, is achieved by having your body float in water with a heavy salt content. 

In Ocean City, Ocean Elements Salt Spa and Float Center is bringing this trend to the Eastern Shore by using salt therapy to heal clients. 

They have a salt room, filled with pink Himalayan salt and pink Himalayan bricks on the wall. The salts make negative ions, which clears the air and it's great for anyone dealing with asthma. 

Their floatation rooms, which are sensory deprivation tanks, are essentially bath tubs with 200 gallons of 94 degree water and 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt to make you float. 

Owner Jeanne Mills says, "It just really is a moment or an hour to clear your mind and not think about external environment and external stimuli. It just gives you time to kind of be in your own thoughts and meditate, pray, listen to music and get into that but it's a time to distress."

They also have a rest station which includes a vibrating acoustic bed that's often used as a pre-float protocol to enhance the benefits of flotation therapy.

For any veterans interested in trying this out, the first two trials are free. They offer Pathways For Veterans, which provides healing methods for symptoms of anxiety, stress and insomnia. 

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