The Brightside: Martin Hutchison Bloom Where You’re Planted

"Before this garden opened up four years ago, I was tired of hitting my head against the wall trying to get the church outside the building, tired of the resistance I was getting." 

But that all changed for Pastor Martin Hutchison when he came up with an idea to bloom where he was planted.

"When this garden opened up, it was like a dream come true. It re-energized me for ministry and life in a way that nothing has for a long time."

The garden feeds countless area families and teaches residents, especially kids about how food is cultivated.  

School children stop by to help out and volunteers show up during the planting season to help a couple times each week. 

"The thing is, this garden can grow with just one person working tirelessly or it can grow with many people pitching in."

Hutchison grew up in Talbot County on a big farm, which is most-likely where he drew his inspiration to start the Camden Community Garden which is right next to a playground on Newton and Camden in Salisbury. 

"My grandfather and father were big gardeners and I watched them do it though I never participated in it when I was a child. "

The urban pastor is not the kind of guy who is content to stand behind a pulpit– he believes in getting his hands dirty and thinks the community should too. 

"This is a neighborhood that's in transition, has been in transition, has a variety of types of people that live here and all of those come to the garden and meet in the garden."

There are other community gardens that are run by Community of Joy Church. 

The plants that grow can be picked and eaten by anyone who needs them. 

"Its all free. We don't require that you work, we'd like it if you come and work. Obviously its a lot of work but we don't require that. We're grateful that the vegetables get used and are available to people who don't have access."


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