The Brightside: Irelynn Farrington The Perfect Unicorn

12 year old Irelynn Farrington started writing a kids' book called The Perfect Unicorn when she was just seven years old.

Irelynn's mom, Jodi, is a teacher and says she always read to her daughter. 

All those hours of story-telling may have inspired Irelynn to tell her mom the story about an evil troll, a princess and some magical unicorns. 

"My mom and I would tell bed time stories to each other and my mom thought one was a really good idea and it took a couple weeks and we turned it into a book four years later." 

The 12 year old says she got to work with an illustrator and chose all the pictures herself. Irelynn says the message of her story includes a couple really important messages.

"The princess lives in the kingdom and she treats all her people fairly. Light always defeats darkness."

It's a philosophy this sixth-grade Caesar Rodney School District student is putting into action. 

She has already donated money to the AI DuPont for children in Wilmington to help kids battling cancer.

"Its because kids like me and some younger are trying to fight cancer- and I'm hoping to make a cure."

Irelynn is selling her book in Barnes and Noble and with online retailers including Amazon. She says she definitely has another book in her. 

And her mom says she couldn't be prouder.  

"I'm truly excited to see what comes about. as she going to be writing another book. She's already started, she's in the process of it. she has accomplished so much at such a young age, we couldn't even be prouder."

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