Talbot County road crews, all hands on deck

Delaware isn't the only place that's seeing some of the white stuff, there's a lot of snow in our Maryland counties here on Delmarva as well.

Snow plows and salting trucks aren't what you would expect to see or even hope for in the month of March.

"We brought all our roads crews in, we switched gears, started putting plows and spreaders back on the trucks and reloading. Making sure everything was working great," says Warren Edwards Jr., Talbot County Roads Superintendent. 

Warren telling us he thought they wouldn't have to do that again this year, but it's necessary for the snow that's on the ground.

It's all hands on deck as the snow plows and trucks make their way to through the streets.

"We have 13 snow routes that are all covered. We have 16 trucks so each route has one or more trucks on it and all routes have been, at this time, cleared once."

But there's added hardships with this nor'easter.

"It's a day storm so you have a lot more traffic. The other thing is you had all this rain so you can't pretreat," explains Warren. 

But that's not stopping the trucks from plowing all 750 lane miles of county roads until the storm stops, although that doesn't mean the roads will be safe.  

"You can easily find black ice in this and it's going to refreeze. Tar-and-chip unlike asphalt or concrete is not a completely smooth surface, so it will freeze into little grooves and that will create black ice and you'll get that quicker on a back rural road than you will on an asphalt road." 



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