Stressing the importance of kidney screenings

March is World Kidney Month, and in Salisbury Sunday the Eastern Shore chapter of the National Kidney Foundation was in town to offer free screenings.

The event featured a blood test to detect kidney disease, a condition that effects 30-million Americans, many of whom do not know they are affected.

Also on hand were workshops to help educate people on dialysis, transplant, how to prevent kidney disease and how to be a care giver for someone affected in your family.

"It's so important, especially if you've got high blood pressure or diabetes, it's so important to get checked.  Those two things will inevitably lead to kidney failure," says Nicole Scharf with the National Kidney Foundation.  "So if we can catch it early and change some things with diet and exercise and get you seen by a Nephrologist and get that under control, we can ward off dialysis in most cases."

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